Fourlines integrates a range of customizable features into one package. It is designed to meet the demands of all associated with a school. The software has lots in it for parents, teachers, students, non teaching staff and the management.

A lot of questions pop into our minds when we think of a Student Management System. Those shown below are the key features incorporated in our software. The features of Fourlines are the answers to these inquisitions.

  • Web Based

    Fourlines is a web based software which can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Parents, teachers, management and all the other entities can login from the comfort of their own home. They have full access rights and any kind of work can be done from home. It is compatible with all the popular web browsers available in the market and there is no need for installing from CDs, downloading software or about any upgrades. When you use our software, you just need to focus on academic excellence of your school. Rest we will take care. We handle all the uptimes, downtimes, security and all the IT related issues for you. When you use FOURLINES, your data is stored on secure, updated, daily backed-up enterprise-class servers in a state-of-the-art, highly-secure data center.

    School Calendar

    School calendar displays the details of the academic year, the terms and the term breaks. Holidays, closed days as well as various activities in the school are made available in the calendar.


    This module enhances interaction between teachers and parents. Teachers can communicate with parents through sms/email at any time regarding their ward’s performance. Teachers need not necessarily wait for one to one meetings to update parents.

    From the Teacher’s Desk

    A student’s behavior or personality development is one of the important facets in today’s world. Teachers can pass on remarks and areas for improvement through this module. Such remarks are intended to compliment positive attributes in a child. But if there’s a situation where negative traits have to be corrected or rectified, such comments and suggestions can also be given.

  • Attendance

    Teachers/authorized users can mark day to day attendance for students. It is possible to mark attendance session-wise or day-wise. An sms alert can be sent to the student’s preferred contact. Parents can thus be updated on a real time basis about their wards.

    Students'/Staffs' Profile

    Users can browse through biographical, academic, medical, professional and personal details of students and staff. Details of family, immediate contact person in case of emergencies etc. can be retrieved from this module. Reports using various kinds of information from this module can be generated.

    Bulletin Board

    Day to Day activities of the school and announcements appear on the bulletin board. This is available as soon as a user logs in. Important alerts and notices can easily be communicated.

    Transportation Management

    This module helps manage the fleet of a school. Bus routes, bus route numbers, daily trips, bus stops etc. can be maintained through this module.

    Library Management

    All aspects of a school library can be managed through this module.

    Daily Updates

    Parents or local guardians receive daily updates from school through SMS. Be it regarding attendance, publishing of marks or any events, every child’s preferred contact is kept updated.

    Fee Details

    Details of a student’s fees paid, outstanding fees etc can be availed from this module.

  • Timetable

    Generating timetable at the beginning of every academic year is the most hectic activity in a school. Fourlines simplifies this drastically. All you have to do is to enter the constraints and you get over 10 combinations of an error-free timetable in a jiffy. Room availability, staff availability, staff substitution and all other constraints can be incorporated.

    Marks & Analyses

    Once the various types of exams are defined, teachers or any authorized personnel can enter students’ marks. A variety of analyses is generated to evaluate the academic performance. Students’ marks can be compared across exams apart from analysis of a particular exam. All types of customizations can also be incorporated into this module.

    Discussion Forum

    All users of Fourlines can interact and discuss various topics on the forum. The idea is to improve communication, to encourage intelligent ideas, promote meaningful and healthy debates, sharing important news and encourage upcoming talents. The forum will be moderated by the school management which ensures that students do not engage in unhealthy discussions.


    Data can be extracted from any module in order to generate, publish, and share a variety of reports. Reports can be generated to track trends and view statistics for individual students, the entire school, or within population subgroups. Data can be filtered based on various criteria like, date, time, gender, grade level, age, and more. This data can be generated in various templates and headings to create professional, readable reports. Reports can be saved or printed. Reports can also be customized. If a school has a requirement for any particular report, Four lines can generate it.